In the spring church of Dudhni

Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao celebrated the feast Mass at the Dudhni Church as thousands of Devotees converged on Dudhni on the feast of the Dongar Mauli on 31st May, 2015. It was the high point on a day when masses began for the thousands of people from 6 am in Marathi, Gujarathi, English and Portuguese. Fr. Anselm D’Souza, Rector of the Pilar Seminary preached the homily. The Archbishop lauded the people for their faith witness, their organisational skills and their committment.


The feast of the Dongar Mauli goes back to a tradition started around 1965 by a few pious people led by Fr. Jose Menezes sfx. Around 1985 a grotto was built on top of the hillock. A statue of the Lady is place on a hill opposite the church. Over the years, thousands of pilgrims flock to the hillock round the year, but specially on May 31.

This year pilgrims from all over Nagar Haveli and the surrounding parishes, Daman, Silvassa, Vasai and Vadodara were present. From the evening of the 30th of May and the early hours of 31st till the evening of 31st May, there was a nonn stop stream of devotees going up the hill in prayerful reverence to pray at the feet of our Lady.


The Dongar Mauli has become a place for people seeking hope and consolation. A priest testified how he had been healed of his back ache after he felt something on the hill while he prayed to our Lady. A woman from Mumbai testified how she conceived after many years, after she climbed the hill of Dudhni.


It was the first time ever that Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao presided over the feast mass, although he has climbed the hill on his previous visits.

On the eve of the feast, there was a special mass celebrated on the hilltop for the 200 odd volunteers of the Dongarmauli, presided over by the Archbishop. On the early morning of the 31st, the Archbishop joined the devotees on the slow trek up the hill and prayed the rosary with the faithful..

The tiny village of Dudhni, with just about 4500 inhabitants has become a magnet for devotees of our Lady from all around. Fr. Tony Lopes sfx, the parish priest, praised the parish community for their unstinting cooperation to organise such an event in such a remote village. He announced that there would be a Youth Pilgrimage to the Dongar Mauli on October 31, 2015.

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